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Welcome to our curriculum page! Here at NowClasses, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality education to our students. Our curriculum is designed to not only teach essential knowledge and skills, but also to inspire creativity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love of learning. We are committed to constantly improving and updating our curriculum to ensure that it is relevant, engaging, and meets the needs of our students in today’s rapidly changing world.

Whether you need help with a specific subject or are looking for comprehensive academic support, our curriculum offers a range of programs to suit your needs. NowClasses strive to provide a learning environment that is both engaging and effective, helping our students to achieve their full potential and excel in their academic pursuits.


Our curriculum is designed to enable you to gain the skills you need for a successful career.


IGCSE curriculum is designed to prepare students to enter the global workforce.


ICSE is a well-recognized examination board for the Indian education system.


The CBSE curriculum encourages students to think creatively, critically and independently.


IB Curriculum is an internationally recognized curriculum administered in schools worldwide

O Level

O Level Curriculum is designed to help students develop skills for future study by identifying a foundation of knowledge and understanding.

AS Level

AS-levels (Advanced Subsidiary Level) are post-16 qualifications that are typically taken by students aged 16-19 years.

A Level

The A Level curriculum is a rigorous, specialised course of study that provides you with the skills and knowledge to prepare for higher education.