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Our Faculty

Geeta Chopra

Faculty : Mathematics

Experience : 20 years with 2 years online

Qualification : M. Sc., Maths B.Ed.

Even with the challenges of the current educational landscape, the feeling of watching my students have that “aha” learning moment never gets old. I’m passionate about forging relationships with students that build a sense of confidence and enable them to grow as learners. I’m extremely enthusiastic about NowClasses’ focus on language arts & K-12 education. I would welcome the opportunity to contribute to the success and continued improvement of your learning initiatives.

Ritu Varshney

Faculty : Science

Experience : 14 years with 2 years online

Qualification : MBA (Finance), M.Tech ( Electronics and Communication), B.E( Electronics and Communication)

4 yrs worked with Coorporates (ICICI Bank). 10yrs Teaching in Reputed School (GD Goenka, Ramanujan, World Way International, ABM). My teaching philosophy is that every child should be introduced to the tools they need to establish their own learning style. Because of how important technology is in our world, and given my advanced degree, I incorporate technology whenever possible in the classroom while still leaving plenty of room to celebrate the students’ imaginations with specialised activities and hands-on experiences.

Ashwini Kumar Gupta

Faculty : Physics

Experience : 13+ years with 2 years online

Qualification : M.Tech in Digital Communication

Being a pioneer in after school student-support programs, Now Classes has been fulfilling the learning gaps that occur because of the divergent-teaching-learning process. It has been the priority of the institution to facilitate the learning process and not to additionally complicate the course oriented in the school of the student. This adaptation of the institution with the schools keeps the learning transition smooth, helping us in reaching the targeted outcomes and delivering a BIG SMILE in our students’ face, depicting an array of achievements in their academics.

Vigneshwaram Thangrathinam

Faculty : English

Experience : 11 years of Experience in English Language Teaching, and Students Counselor

Best Teacher of the Year 2021, TESOL Certified, Qualified as per norms, 11 years of Experience in English Language Teaching, and Students Counselor. Amiable and approachable, eventually, loved by students.

Qualification : B.Sc, B.Ed, TET qualified

Mayuresh Abhyankar

Faculty : Biology

Experience : 9 years with 2 years online

Qualification : M.Sc. Biomedical Genetics

A passionate Biology teacher with 2 international publications and teaching experience of over 9 years. Catering students from various boards like CBSE, IGCSE, IB, ICSE, students preparing for Indian medical entrance (NEET) and various other competitive exams. Diagramatic illustrations are what students love the most. Come experience the joy of learning Biology with me and NowClasses!

Rahul Khewadia

Faculty : Science

Experience : 5 years with 2 years online

Qualification : B.Sc. (HONORS) Zoology, M.Sc Biochemistry and B.Ed.

I have a genuine passion for my subject, which I believe really shows in my teaching. I love to pass on my knowledge to younger generations in a fun and creative way. With NowClasses we can together achieve your learning goals! Thank you!

Bushra Raye

Faculty : Maths & Science

Experience : 12+ years with 2 years online

Qualification : B.Sc. B.Ed. (Maths and Science), M. E. M

With an experience of more than 12 years with varied curriculum such as IGCSE, IB, ICSE, CBSE etc. I have a customised way of teaching as per the needs of the child and the need of the time. With NowClasses we will strive for the success of our efforts. Currently I am teaching students from IGCSE and IB boards – Maths, Chemistry and Physics.

Dharma L

Faculty : Chemistry

Experience : 11 years with 2 years online

Qualification : M.Sc, B.Ed.

Teaching is just not a profession for me but it’s a learning process for me, it keeps me updated with the rapidly changing world. I had the privilege to deal with students of different nationalities and hence can adapt myself to different cultures and places very easily. I teach chemistry through inquiry based strategy and often discuss the application of chemistry in our day to day life. I am well acquainted with the online teaching tools and use them in the best possible way to make the online teaching learning process more interactive and interesting.
I am a fortunate Senior School Chemistry teacher, having more than 11 years of experience in helping IGCSE, AS, A level and IB students in teaching -learning process. I am lucky that my passion is my profession.

Yogeeta Khanna

Faculty : French & Mathematics

Experience : 5 years + 2 years online

● sciences
● Advanced Diploma (B1/B2) in French

While I’ve always felt driven to be an elementary school educator, the joy I felt from facilitating the growth and development of the students at NowClasses only reaffirmed my passion. Although I’ll continue to hone my teaching skills as I work in the classroom, I believe that my enthusiasm, positive attitude, and hands-on experience working with the students aims towards student growth in particular

Anubhuti Varshney

Faculty : Maths & Science

Experience : 5+ years with 2 years online

Qualification : Science), B.Ed( Maths and Computer)

Innovative professional with a strong track record of improving test scores by adapting teaching methods to student’s needs.Able to develop personal relationships with students and build their confidence in their abilities.

Abhishek Mishra

Faculty : Commerce

Experience : 11 years with 2 years online

Qualification : CA, MBA (Finance), B.Com

11 years of expertise in teaching Accounts, Economics & Business Studies. Taught over thousands of students over years & my fundamentals of teaching have brought various students to outstand their performances. I’m very popular among the students for explaining the intricate concepts in very lucid & simple language backed by day to day examples which help students understand the concept readily & make studies stress free.

Dr Sayyeda Nusbah Agha

Faculty : Arabic

Experience : 14 years with 2 years online

Qualification : Master and PhD Arabic

My years of experience as a teacher have helped me form a teaching philosophy that guides how I help my students succeed in the classroom and beyond. I truly believe that their success begins with making them comfortable in the classroom, so I start our school year with plenty of activities so everyone can get to know one another. I encourage them to share their questions and opinions in an unbiased and open environment.

Sunjeet Singh

Faculty : Maths

Experience : 3+ years with 2 years online

Qualification : B.Sc, B.Ed, TET qualified

Kiran Prabhu

Faculty : ICT/ Computers

Experience : 15 years with 3 years online

Qualification :Master of Science (Information Technology), B.Sc. (Information Technology), Diploma (Computer Science & Engg.)

Over 15 years of teaching experience in Technology Subjects (Computer Science, ICT) for IB, IGCSE, AS/A level, CBSE overseas and in India. Over 5 years in organizing and managing internal and Cambridge International Examinations (CAIE). 5 years of experience in developing customized technology curriculum and providing support to teachers in integrating ICT into teaching. I am excited to be part of this community. I’m looking forward to working with all of you, and helping you to learn and improve your knowledge of computer science.

Ghazala Shaikh

Faculty : Mathematics & Science

Experience : 15 years with 3 years online

Qualification : B.Sc, B.Ed (Science & Maths)

Over 15 years of experience with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer the students. My teaching style may vary depending on the subject matter, the age and skill level of their students, and other factors, but one can expect that we as an organization & as a teacher at individual level are dedicated to helping their students succeed and develop a love for science and math.