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Advanced Placement
Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement (AP) is an American program created by the College Board and recognized by American colleges and universities. It offers college-level curricula in various subjects to high school students. Students taking AP courses are assessed in May once a year. Passing the AP exam can count toward college credit. Students are encouraged to take more than one AP over the length of their studies.

  • It gives the students the opportunity to experience college-level work and gain in depth knowledge of a subject.
  • It helps develop deep passion for a subject.
  • It provides students with a competitive edge with university admissions process worldwide.
  • Students have the chance to earn university level credits from institutions worldwide if exam results are strong.

List of AP tuitions offered by NowClasses

  1. AP calculus AB
  2. AP calculus BC
  3. AP Biology
  4. AP Chemistry
  5. AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based
  6. AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based
  7. AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
  8. AP Physics C: Mechanics

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What are the eligibility criteria for taking AP exams?

Ans.  AP exams are open to anyone; no specific eligibility criteria are required.

Q2. What is the purpose of taking AP exams?

Ans. To earn college credit and qualify for advanced course placement.

Q3. How do I register for the AP exam?

Ans. Register through your school or college board website.

Q4. How many AP exams should I take for Harvard?

Ans. There is no set number; take exams aligned with your strengths and interests.

Course Duration

Our Advanced Placement (AP) courses are meticulously structured, offering a comprehensive 40-hour program for all subjects, and a 30-hour curriculum for Physics 1.

20 sessions

The curriculum encompasses 20 detailed sessions, inclusive of interactive doubtclearing and mock assessments, designed for thorough academic clarification and effective test preparation.

Customized Study Material

Our program includes minimum
5 Real AP Mocks, accompanied by 10 detailed topicwise quizzes.

How We Work

Tell Us What You Need

Make a choice of your curriculum and subject.

Book a trial class

Choose a convenient day, for you to attend a free 45 minute class on a topic of your choice.

Select Subjects

You can choose one or more subjects based on your requirement.


As per the subjects selected, we'll share a schedule.

Subjects Offered







Computers Science







(Keystage 1 , Keystage 2 , Keystage 3)



Online interactive classes for a small group of students.

We can work with you to plan a schedule that suits your needs

Preparation classes for
tests and exams

Testing system that is organized and regular

Special learning material designed for our students

Our Faculty

Abhiraj Jauhari

Biology & Chemistry
● 28+ years with 2 years online
● M. Sc., B. Ed

Geeta Chopra

● 20 years with 2 years online
● M. Sc., Maths B.Ed.

Divya Divakar

Computer Science, ICT
● 18 years with 5 years online
● MSc.IT . Pursuing BSc. Data Science from IIT Madras. Board Trained educator for IGCSE, A level IT, CS , ICT, CBSE CS, IP, AI

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