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What is the ICSE curriculum ?


The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) is an examination organized by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. The ICSE is an English-language test. As a result, all subjects (with the exception of Indian and foreign languages) are taught in English. ICSE has always been regarded as one of the best educational boards in the world. In terms of their rigorous syllabus, rigorous exam marking system, progressive evaluation and promotion criteria, and other aspects.

Why is ICSE important?

The ICSE and CBSE boards are the two most well-known, nationally recognized boards in the Indian system. Choosing the right choice for the board will have a big impact on how children grow, decide on a career they’re good at, and go after their life objectives. Every subject taught in ICSE is completely defined, giving the students the depth of knowledge, they need to understand it. If your child wants to continue their education abroad, they can enroll in a foreign university because the diploma issued by the ICSE board is accepted all around the world. The ICSE board’s curriculum is designed to help students develop their analytical skills by providing them with hands-on experience with the subjects they are studying.

How ICSE Curriculum help your child

The ICSE Syllabus is well-organized, comprehensive, and designed to help students develop their analytical and practical knowledge. Due to the board’s wide coverage of the subject, ICSE students are able to learn English thoroughly. The ICSE board test is well recognized for its extensive syllabus, thus students should give each topic equal merit. The board places a focus on a thorough examination of each subject, which gives students the option to choose particular subjects in higher classes. The ICSE requires students to take exams in six, seven, or eight subjects. Five of these subjects will be included in their final grade, and English will be one of them.

Uniqueness of the ICSE Syllabus

The ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) syllabus is unique in several ways, including:

  1. Focus on in-depth understanding: The syllabus emphasizes a comprehensive and detailed understanding of each topic, rather than just memorization of facts.
  2. Multi-disciplinary approach: ICSE syllabus offers a multi-disciplinary approach to education, covering a wide range of subjects, including science, mathematics, social science, literature, and languages.
  3. Emphasis on language skills: The syllabus places a strong emphasis on language skills, including English and one or more Indian languages, with a focus on grammar, composition, and literature.
  4. Integrated assessment structure: ICSE board uses an integrated approach to assessment, which includes written exams, practicals, projects, and internal assessments. This helps in evaluating the students’ knowledge and skills in a comprehensive manner.
  5. Updated and relevant curriculum: The ICSE board regularly updates its curriculum to keep pace with the changing trends and requirements in education and the job market.

Overall, the ICSE syllabus is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in various subjects and skills, preparing them for higher education and employment opportunities.

Online Tuition for ICSE Students

NowClasses offers online tuition for ICSE students for all classes. Our Dubai based expert tutors can provide ICSE students with online tuition that can significantly enhance subject knowledge, boost confidence, and clarify all concepts. Additionally, it enables students to receive individualized attention and resolve all issues without difficulty. Subject-specific NowClasses courses are available to students seeking online tuition. Irrespective of the boards, it is good to have a complete comprehension of all the principles for all courses.

4 Benefits Of Enrolling Your Child in an ICSE Board School

National And Globally Recognized

Children who pass the Grade 10 exam are issued an ICSE completion certificate. This certificate is recognized as being on scale with those issued by other nationally recognised boards. Children who want to further their education abroad should choose a nationally and internationally recognized board like ICSE. Numerous foreign universities dispersed around Asia and even abroad have accepted it. In other nations, the credential equals to high school exams.

Rich and Balanced Content

One of the main reasons the ICSE syllabus’s content is always broad and in-depth is so that students can better understand the themes. The primary difference between the ICSE and CBSE boards is that the latter places a greater focus on math and science in order to better prepare students for entrance tests. On the other hand, the ICSE board gives the humanities, arts, and languages constant value. A more well-rounded and balanced education for kids is possible.

Build A Strong Foundation

The teachers help the students develop a more curious approach to learning and broaden their range of interests. Even though every teacher tries to give their students solid fundamentals and a solid foundation, teaching methods have changed a lot over time. The standard of instruction has also been raised.

Future Potential

Our divided and structured sessions taught by online ICSE tutor apprentices make it simple for them to improve their comprehension of various ideas and topics. In addition, students acquire enhanced thinking skills that enable them to apply their skills to all previously understood concepts. During online tuition for ICSE classes, all of our students are very involved, and rather than being spoon-fed, they are encouraged to think critically.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is the difference between the CBSE and the ICSE syllabus?

Ans. CBSE syllabus is more on theoretical concepts and ICSE focuses on practical knowledge.

Q2. What are the benefits of the ICSE curriculum?

Ans. ICSE curriculum offers new teaching methodologies, encourages an analytical mind, and provides global content. This has helped students pursue higher studies abroad. Since students in ICSE boards have a strong base in English, it gives them an edge when it comes to IELTS and TOEFL examinations.

Q3. How many hours should an ICSE student study?

Ans. A students should ideally focus on their studies for at least 6 to 7 hours each day in order to score well on the test.

Q4. What is the criteria for passing the icse board exam?

Ans. According to the council, in order to pass, students must receive an overall and subject score of at least 33 percent. According to the official websites, “STATEMENT OF MARKS will be given to all candidates who took the test. Each topic has a pass mark of 35%.

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