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What is the AS Level

AS level stands for “Advanced Subsidiary Level,” which is a qualification offered in the United Kingdom and some other countries as part of the General Certificate of Education (GCE) program. It is typically taken by students in their first year of post-16 education, usually around the age of 16-17.

AS level courses are designed to provide students with an introduction to a subject area and to prepare them for further study at the A level (Advanced Level), which is taken in the second year of post-16 education. AS level courses generally cover half the content of an A level course, and students can choose to take AS level exams at the end of their first year or to continue with the full A level course.

AS level courses are available in a wide range of subjects, including science, humanities, and social sciences. The qualifications are recognized by universities and employers and can be used as a stepping stone to higher education or employment.

Why is AS Level Tuition important

AS level tuition can be important for several reasons:

1. Preparation for A level exams: AS level exams are designed to prepare students for A level exams. A strong performance at AS level can provide a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding for students to build on in their second year of study.

2. Building subject knowledge and skills: AS level tuition can help students build a strong foundation of subject knowledge and develop the skills required for success at A level and beyond. Our Dubai based tutors can provide personalized attention and support to help students understand difficult concepts and develop effective study habits.

3. Boosting confidence: Our AS level tutors can help boost students’ confidence in their ability to succeed academically. By working with best AS level tutor, students can gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies to overcome any challenges they may face.

4. Achieving academic goals: For students who are aiming for high grades in their AS level exams, tuition can be a valuable tool for achieving their academic goals. Our UAE based tutors can help students identify areas for improvement, set realistic targets, and track their progress over time. 

Overall, AS level tuition can be an effective way for students to enhance their learning and achieve academic success. It can help students to build subject knowledge, develop skills, and achieve their academic goals, while also boosting their confidence and preparing them for future academic challenges.

Reasons to pick NowClasses for AS Level tuition

NowClasses is an online platform that provides tuition and academic support to students in a variety of subjects, including AS level courses. Here are some reasons why you might choose NowClasses for AS Level tuition:

1. Experienced and qualified tutors: NowClasses employs experienced and qualified IGCSE tutors who are experts in their subject areas. Tutors are selected through a rigorous recruitment process and are trained to provide high-quality, personalized tuition to students.

2. Flexible and convenient: NowClasses offers flexible and convenient tuition options, including one-to-one tuition, group tuition, and online classes. This allows students to choose the tuition option that best suits their needs and schedule.

3. Personalized attention: NowClasses tutors provides personalized attention to each student, ensuring that they receive individualized support and guidance. Tutors work closely with students to identify their strengths and weaknesses, set academic goals, and develop effective study strategies.

4. Quality resources: NowClasses provides access to a range of quality  study material for AS level, including online study materials, practice tests, and revision notes. These resources are designed to help students reinforce their learning and prepare for their exams.

Overall, NowClasses can be a great choice for students who are looking for effective and convenient AS Level tuition. With experienced tutors, personalized attention, quality resources, and competitive pricing, NowClasses can help students achieve their academic goals and succeed in their AS Level exams.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Why is AS level important?

Ans. AS level courses are available in a wide range of subjects, including science, humanities, and social sciences. The qualifications are recognized by universities and employers and can be used as a stepping stone to higher education or employment.

Q2. How many subjects can be taken in a level?

Ans. Students are free to specialize or study a variety of topics; there are no required subjects. Giving pupils the freedom to make their own decisions encourages them to work hard in their studies. At AS Level, students usually take four subjects, and at A Level, three subjects.

Q3. Is as important in A Level?

Ans. In its current form, the AS Level lessens the step change between GCSE and A Level, allowing students to successfully advance to a higher degree of study. It offers a significant depth of learning. The majority of candidates study four or five subjects in Year 12, then three or four in Year 13.

Q4. What qualification level is as level UK?

Ans. The AS (advanced subsidiary) degree and the A2 make up A-Levels. 50 percent of the total A-level grade is determined by each year. According to the NQF Qualifications Framework, this is level 3.