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At NowClasses, we offer a comprehensive A level curriculum classes designed to help students excel in their exams and achieve their academic goals. Our curriculum is tailored to meet the requirements of the latest syllabus and is delivered by experienced and qualified tutors who are dedicated to helping students succeed.


A level curriculum covers a range of subjects, including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Economics, Bussiness, Accounts and English Literature. Our tutors have extensive knowledge and experience in their respective subjects and are committed to helping students develop a deep understanding of the concepts and theories. Our teaching methods are designed to be engaging and effective, using a combination of lectures, discussions, interactive activities, and practice questions.


At NowClasses, we understand that every student’s needs are unique. That’s why we offer flexible schedules and personalized learning plans that cater to the individual needs and goals of each student. We also provide regular progress reports and feedback to help students track their progress and identify areas for improvement.

If you’re looking for A level tuition services that are effective, engaging, and tailored to your needs, look no further than NowClasses.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How many subjects are studied at a level?

Ans. You’re able to take up to five courses, most students choose to study three for A-levels. The majority of universities base their offers on three topics when you apply.

Q2. Is math a compulsory subject in A Levels?

Ans. With A Levels, there are no required subjects. Instead, they are allowed to pick the subjects those who are most interested in or believe will be most helpful to them in their future coursework or careers.

Q3. Which A-Level is most popular?

Ans. The topic known as the “Queen of Subjects”—mathematics—has the most popular A-Level of all. For a large number of University degree classes, A-Level Math is a prerequisite. The topic syllabi for Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, and other subjects can all be related to A-Level Math.

Q4. What is the grading system for a level?

Ans. The A-Level grading system. Each A Level award is graded on a scale from A* to E for each subject a student has completed (or U, unclassified). An institution may base its admissions decision on a student’s A Level grades, for instance by requiring them to receive a minimum of three particular grades.